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Если  у вас SSD на чипсете Sandforce, например от производителя OCZ, то вам не следует включать TRIM на OS X Lion. Включение TRIM на sandforce-устройствах приведет к понижению скорости записи и чтения, плюс будут подвисания и «радужный мячик». Полная статья под катом.

Should I use Trim Enabler on Lion for the OCZ Vertex (3)? No! (Benchmarks inside)

We recently blogged, after purchasing two OCZ Vertex SATA3 Drives (240GB) and inserting them with an Optibay setting (2 Drives in one MacBook Pro; see our previous post: 2011 Macbook Pro and SATA III 6Gbps, Optibay: two HD drives – setup explained).

We also blogged that enabling TRIM is a good thing, although it seems that it seems to benot necessary on Sandforce based chipsets.

Since we still were experiencing freezes and Sandballs on our Mac OSX Lion 10.7 SSD Setup that were actually not related to TRIM, also the system did not feel as snappy anymore.

Conclusion: don’t use TRIM on OSX Lion 10.7, if you are using a Sandforce based SSD. Revert to the original driver and not only the Beachballs will go away, but also the system feels snappy again. See the below Benchmarks for real-life results (since AJA System Testdoes not work on internal drives, we can recommend using XBENCH to verify the figures for you).

XBENCH Screenshot with TRIM Enabled (using TRIM Enabler for OSX 10.7 Lion)
Screen Shot 2011 08 07 at 16 00 30

Screenshot of XBENCH without TRIM Enabler (Restored to original setting)

Screen Shot 2011 08 07 at 16 06 39

UPDATE: Grant Pannell (digitaldj.net) reports on how to restore to the original settings.


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